THERE are "serious, grave concerns" over the new traffic measures imposed on streets in Hereford as businesses struggle to survive.

The group which represents firms in the city, Hereford Business Improvement District (BID), has called on Herefordshire Council to review their emergency active travel measures.

Made possible with £20,000 funding from central government, parts of King Street, Bridge Street and Broad Street have been cordoned off, in an attempt to promote walking and cycling for short and local journeys.

But the measures, which were put into place earlier this week, has vastly reduced the number of parking spaces on all three streets, with businesses seeing a drop in footfall.


While Hereford BID chief executive Mike Truelove said businesses do understand the response due to the coronavirus crisis, they do not know the criteria for restrictions being lifted again.

"Having seen the state of the streets ourselves, we've taken feedback far and wide and we have serious, grave concerns," he said.

"There are a number of businesses really hanging on by a thread now.

He added: "It's three things which have now happened. First it's the floods, now coronavirus and now they feel the closure of the parking bays and so on is the third thing.

"It's putting a huge amount of pressure on a lot of businesses.

"We know health and safety is critical and no one is disputing that, what we do have issue with is are the measures appropriate, or do they need to be revised? They probably do today, or urgently."

There are three areas Hereford BID is concerned with, Mr Truelove said. They include the visual appearance of the streets, as well as the reduction in parking spaces and the communication from Herefordshire Council regarding the measures.

"In Bridge Street, King Street and Broad Street, not mincing our words, absolutely looks a mess," he said.

"Cones in strange places, barriers which have probably been moved probably by a third party and put in random locations, there is tape flapping across the road.

"Sometimes cones have been moved right next to the curb as opposed to their original location and it looks like a serious amount of roadworks going on.

"At the very least we'd like to see that maintained on a daily basis."

Herefordshire Council has been approached for comment.