I fail to see how six people in a quiet square in the rain could ‘sow fear and discord’ as MP Bill Wiggin asserts protesters against the government’s Agriculture Bill did.

What is divisive is the vitriol from our MP.

Working farmers and consumers have real concerns and MPs of rural constituencies must represent everyone.

Speculation that those opposing the Agriculture Bill care little about our farms is insulting.

Personally, I was picking hops and fruit on Herefordshire fields when our MP was still in nappies, and care deeply about our county and the welfare of its farmers.

Accusing protesters of denying democracy is laughable.

Is democracy misleading the public with documented lies?

Farmers have been sold a pup, and the NFU is right to warn that this bill would seriously endanger their livelihoods.

Can he deny that tariffs on exports would force farmers to lower prices in order to compete against cheaper, ‘risky’ products from ‘across the pond’?

Trade across the Atlantic would make a mockery of our zero carbon target. Europe is on our doorstep and the EU protects food standards and animal welfare.Leaving the single market will put all that in jeopardy. We must continue to sound alarm bells.

Harriet Pahl