HOSTELRIES across Herefordshire are opening their doors for the first time in months today.

The Feathers Hotel in Ledbury is among many in the county to welcome customers back on Super Saturday.

General manager Will Silver said he and his team were glad to be back to business, as they opened their doors with a raft of new measures in place.

"It's been a long couple of weeks getting prepared," Will said.

"We've been very busy this week, lots of the team coming in to help support us in getting ready, but we're ready today.

"It has been nice and steady so far, people have been a bit cautious, but everyone who has come in has really enjoyed it so far and are happy with what we've done."

New cleaning regimes have been introduced at the historic Ledbury hotel, with hand sanitiser available and a member of staff dedicated to cleaning each shift.

"The whole time we're open, we've got someone going around actively cleaning, and that includes closing down the toilets regularly to do touch points in there.

"We have a member of staff wearing a different t-shirt to do all the touch points and make sure everything is sanitised at all times. That's on top of the normal staff cleaning the tables in between use.

"We have got some good dinner bookings tonight. I think that's the thing that's going to come back with a bit of a bang, as the restaurant service side of things doesn't change hugely with the changes we've had to make, but going forward, the table service is the thing that is going to be different, some people will take to it and some will wait until things are back the way they used to be, I think.

"Some people might really like the idea of being waited on for the pub service as well, but others like the standing and drinking at the bar side of it, which isn't available for now, but I think the changes we have made are the right thing to do."