The proposed Emergency Active Travel Measures for Kington appear to me to be very ill-thought-out.

Closing of the High Street part of the day will cause people who are out-of-town residents and driving from any direction other than the A44 westbound, extra mileage in order to shop and park at the Co-op.

People who shop at the Co-op then also frequently visit the High Street shops.

The effect of this closure, should it come into effect, will be that access will only be possible via the A44 and Montford Road/Church Road causing extra traffic on these roads.

It will also inevitably mean that people who have to drive in will delay their shopping until after 2.30pm which will increase the numbers seeking to shop at any one time.

That policy is counter-productive to what the Government is trying to achieve through social distancing measures in the present crisis.

Although I have no quarrel with the 20mph zone, overall this proposal is bad for residents in the Kington hinterland, bad for residents who will see increased traffic, bad for business and bad for the environment.

Nigel Thomas
Staunton on Arrow