PEOPLE living in Hereford were treated to an unexpected air display this afternoon, performed by a father who has been unable to see his daughter since Christmas.

The situation with coronavirus has meant Grace Waddington, 21, has not been able to see her dad, but that didn't stop him flying over the county and drawing a love heart for his daughter in the skies.

The pilot, who has been flying a 1984 Pitts S-1S Special for 18 years, was seen acrobatically manoeuvring its way across the skies above Herefordshire at around 1pm on Thursday.

Miss Waddington, who lives near Dinedor, said her father obeyed all laws and regulations by not flying over the city centre itself.

"I haven't really seen him for months, since Christmas, because of everything that's gone on but I didn't realise it was going to be such a big thing," she said.

"People were going crazy for it and little kids had been watching it, it was my dad (flying).

"It was mainly for that fact I hadn't seen him for so long and he couldn't come over while I'm at home. It was a nice little gesture."

Miss Waddington said her dad, who did not want to be named, had been planning to do the display yesterday (Monday) but for a number of reasons it had to be pushed back.

"I've always known him do things like this so I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but i saw on Facebook straight away people going crazy," she added.

"I'm glad everyone has enjoyed it as much as me.

"I've got a lot of comments saying people enjoyed it so much."

Belinda Olsen, of the Hereford Times Camera Club, was on hand to capture some pictures of the display.

She said: "Awesome surprise aerobatics from this local Pitts Special."

Hereford Times:

Ryan Wheatstone also managed to capture some pictures of the plane, with the call sign G-BOXV.

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