SCHOOLS across Herefordshire are facing many challenges with managing home schooling alongside making provision for key workers children.

However, many are documenting this time and keeping in touch with pupils using social media and pictures.

St. Mary’s C of E Primary School, Fownhope is doing just that, and are receiving regular contact from students and families.

Year 4 pupil, William Stedman, has written this piece as part of an English topic.

It is lovely to get a child's perspective during this difficult time.

CHILDREN of St Mary's C of E Primary School have been enjoying home schooling because they love having time with their parents while learning.

They love thinking of fun activities to do at home school.

They even sent a get well soon card to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The children were shocked, happy and frightened when they heard they were sending one.

Some of the children even went to the school because their mum and dad work for the NHS. Children were also sad when they had to be home schooled because they would miss their teachers.

At home school they’re having fun like playing with animals, cooking, coding and drawing. They’re also doing what they want after home school because most of them only work up to lunch. They’ve also been doing dance lessons for PE.

“It’s really fun because my teachers make it exciting,” commented William, aged 9.

Head teacher, Mr Milne, added: “We’ve been balancing educational and pastoral care.

"Whilst we’ve provided set work online we’ve encouraged families to make the best of the situation; there is so much opportunity for applied learning we can’t always teach in school.

"For example, children have made videos of dances to support the NHS which applies creating a story, PE and computing and, most importantly keeps all ages involved and creates happiness. These are practical and emotional wellbeing skills needed for life.”