24 YEAR old Jack Hickingbotham, suffers from autism, learning difficulties and epilepsy. Usually attending Aspire living, Jack is really missing his personal assistants, who take him out three times a week.

Because of this, the young man decided to film some videos, encouraging people to stay safe during this tough time.

Jack's family didn’t expect that the heart warming videos would reach over 70 thousand people!

Nicky Hickingbotham, Jack's Mum, said: "I get messages all the time from people saying how much he has helped them, cheered them up and made them smile!

"So we have carried on with the videos, he loves making them because he likes making people smile during this stressful time.

" Jack wants people to stay inside and stay safe.

"Making the short clips has helped Jack's confidence and anxiety through this time too which is fab. We are all very proud of him!"

You can find Jack and watch his video's on facebook.