A CHURCH organ considered to be a war memorial has been refurbished to ensure it can still be used as part of the congregation's worship, as well as weddings, christenings and funerals, for years to come.

A £2,250 was handed to Madley Parish Church by the War Memorials Trust towards the cost of the recent refurbishment of their pipe organ.

The instrument is a registered war memorial and is located just inside the chancel of the church building, the council said.

The organ was installed in 1921 by villagers in commemoration of the loss of life in the First World War and in celebration of the victory in the war.

After a century of being used to play hymns, the organ has been in need of work, and further renovation is yet to take place.

The War Memorials Trust works to protect and conserve war memorials in the UK. The charity also provides free advice to anyone, as well as running grant schemes to support repair and conservation projects