Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin has revealed that he believes he has had Covid-10.

He has told of being bed-ridden for almost a fortnight with all the symptoms of coronavirus.

And he warns: "I would not wish this illness on anyone.

"It certainly is not the flu-like bug we were told about, and I understand why doctors have moved our Prime Minister, Boris [Johnson], into intensive care to ensure his safety."

Mr Wiggin, who represents North Herefordshire in Parliament, writes about his experiences in his regular column for the Hereford Times, which will be published next Thursday (April 16).

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He says he believes he and Mr Johnson contracted the virus on the same day when they "all went back to Westminster to put through the emergency coronavirus legislation.

"Our experiences just show that no one is impervious to this disease and we must continue to do all we can to protect ourselves, others and our NHS."

Mr Wiggin adds: "This crisis has brought out the best in so many people. Caring and shielding those most vulnerable by staying at home yet popping out to clap for the NHS and the caring staff who are tending those infected.

"We have never seen a global phenomenon like this before. While the number of deaths focus’s our minds on our own loved ones and our prayers for those who have been bereaved, we also need to look optimistically at the survival rates too.

"Because we have stayed in our homes, on Easter Sunday the peak of the infection is predicted. By flattening the projected curve and increasing NHS capacity, I am positive that we have done all that is possible to beat the virus.

"More testing and more accurate testing will become normal in the coming weeks and when it is safe we shall be able to return to normal life."

He also sings the praises of local NHS staff.

"I have been in regular contact with the Wye Valley NHS Trust and the fantastic work that they are doing to keep Herefordshire safe.

"NHS staff at Hereford County Hospital are being tested on site as we have the machines and ability here in the county and capacity is increasing all the time.

"I am told that the numbers of staff who are unavailable to work due to the virus is much lower than at other health trusts, and the turnaround of on-site testing for patients is much faster, which is a tremendous help.

"The next few weeks are going to be increasingly difficult as we grow impatient with self-isolation. We will want to go back to work and school and I believe the Government will do all it can to help.

"Our safety and the sacrifices you have all made must not be wasted by a little impatience."