CREWS from seven stations in Herefordshire tackled a barn fire as 400 tonnes of hay and straw went up in flames

The fire service was called shortly after 2pm on Monday to the blaze in Madley, which saw a large barn destroyed.

Initially crews from Hereford, Peterchurch, Eardisley, Ross-on-Wye and Leominster rushed to the scene, with two other crews providing relief.

A spokesperson for Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said crews are still on site dampening down.

Four hose reel jets, a compressed air foam system and portable pump were used.

The crew from Ewyas Harold Fire Station was sent out as relief at just after 11pm on Tuesday. Firefighters dragged the bales out and dampened down where possible.

A further relief crew then took over from 6.30am this morning, a spokesperson for the station said.

Nobody was injured in the inferno.