A HEREFORD man has been jailed after causing unnecessary suffering to a horse with a broken leg.

Ian Mark Reidy, 31, of Springfield Avenue, Hereford, was handed a 12-week sentence after admitting the charge when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford on March 2.

The court heard Reidy failed to act on veterinary advice in relation to his horse, Brownville's, broken leg between July 26 and September 19, knowing that not doing so would cause suffering.

RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith investigated after the animal welfare charity received a call about a horse with a severe untreated leg injury on September 19.

Reidy had left his 11-year-old horse, who was known as Brownie, with a broken leg since July 26.

Brownie later had to be put to sleep because of the severity of his injury.

Ms Smith said: “Initially it appeared Brownie had collapsed. He seemed unable to get up. The foot was worn at the toe from the continued dragging of it over the weeks. He was wearing a thick rug in warm weather.

“Once we did get him up, he was non-weight bearing on the front leg. Upon removal of the rug it showed he was underweight with muscle atrophy to the broken leg where the muscle had wasted away over the weeks from his inability to use the leg. He had a pressure sore on his hock from the excessive time he had been spending laid down due to the pain.

“An x-ray showed his elbow to be in three pieces and vets found it was too late to perform any surgery to help.

“Reidy had initially called a vet when the injury occurred but refused to follow their advice before putting them off when they called to request a check up of Brownie on eleven occasions, instead telling them he was getting better, rather than seeking the help Brownie desperately needed.”

Reidy was banned from keeping any equine for life, and ordered to pay a £122 victim surcharge.

The court also made a seizure order for the remaining horses Reidy owned, however he told the court he had given them away.