VILLAGERS in north Herefordshire have issued their heartfelt thanks to firefighters who tackled a major fire today.

The people of Mortimer villages (Wigmore, Leinthall Starkes, Elton and Pipe Aston) posted a message on social media to the crews working at farm buildings at Stretford, near Leominster.

They said in a tweet: "Our thanks and gratitude to all the crews in putting their lives at risk to save us and our property. We are most grateful."

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It was posted by the community website

The fire has been burning since 1am (Saturday).

Fire crews from Hereford, RossEardisleyKingtonKingsland, Bromyard and Tenbury were sent to the blaze.

The fire shut the A4110  at the B4457 junction at Stretford.

Relief crews are still tackling the fire and damping down.

The operation now been scaled down to three fire engines, and crews expect to be there for some time.