THE present Leominster Chess Club was founded from scratch in April this year and has been a going concern for the last eight months.

Weekly sessions for learners and experienced players, which are held on Tuesday evenings at Savery's Café in Broad Street in Leominster, now attract up to 12 players.

Weekly sessions specifically for learners, which are held on Thursday afternoons at Leominster Library, now attract up to six players.

Players come from diverse parts of the local community and include ladies and gents, some of whom are senior citizens, as well as school children and a couple of the club's players who have Parkinson's also benefit from the experience as they say it keeps their minds active.

They all have a common aim which is to enjoy playing the game that simultaneously develops and exercises a number of key transferable skills.

The club is open to everyone who wishes to attend, whether local or from further afield.

Players may attend on a regular or occasional basis, regardless of their membership of any other chess clubs.

There is no formal membership and no demand for annual membership subscriptions.

Players are simply registered as 'interested parties' and asked to contribute £1 to the club's funds whenever they attend Tuesday evening sessions.

Thursday afternoon sessions are free-of-charge, although voluntary donations to the cost of room hire are gratefully accepted.

For further information, please contact the organiser, Leominster Chess Club at:

Please note that during the Christmas/New Year Holidays the club's weekly activities will cease after play on December 17 and begin again on January 7.