A MOTHER who spent 15 days by her daughter’s side while she was admitted to hospital with an infection in her head has praised the “absolutely amazing” care.

The 10-year-old girl has spent six weeks fighting the infection, which has been a “traumatic” time for the family, who live in Hunderton, Hereford.

The infection Ellie Jones picked up affected her eyes and sinuses, and was close to her brain, her mother said.

Lorna Morgan, 35, said her daughter was treated well by staff on the children’s ward at Hereford County Hospital, and will be going back to thank staff now Ellie has finished her treatment.

“It was all a bit traumatic, we weren’t really expecting it to happen overnight like it did,” the mother-of-four said.

“Ellie got really poorly on her birthday and it ended up she had a massive infection in her head.

“I took her to hospital and they had to admit her and bombard her body with antibiotics.”

During the 15 days Mrs Morgan spent in hospital with her daughter, she had only been home for a matter of hours.

“It was pretty terrible to be honest,” she added.

“When I first realised she was ill and took her, I wasn’t expecting it to be as serious as it was.

“She was out of it most of the time in bed, and it was horrible.”

While in hospital, Ellie benefitted from health play staff who aim to use play, as well as arts and crafts, as a therapeutic tool to help children understand their illness and treatment.

“Ellie didn’t quite understand what was going on, but the play specialists came. They sat and spoke to her and didn’t use any fancy words,” she added.

“We’ll take them some presents, some donations and paints. We’ve been given so much, we want to give something back.”

Ellie finished her cause of intravenous antibiotics on Monday.