HEREFORD has been named as the drink and drug-driving capital of the UK, new analysis shows.

Data shows there are 1.80 drink and drug-driving convictions for every 1,000 drivers living in the HR postcode area, the highest level in the country.

Some of the county towns with the highest rate of convictions include Kington (HR5), with 2.49 people per thousand putting a conviction for drink or drug-driving on their insurance application.

This compares to 2.26 driver in 1,000 in Leominster (HR6) and 1.78 in 1,000 in Ross-on-Wye (HR9).

It's the second year running that Hereford has been named as the drink and drug-driving capital of the UK.

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The analysis, based on more than six million car insurance quotes run on MoneySuperMarket over the last 12 months, shows Darlington as the place with the second-highest rate at 1.69 people per thousand, followed by Llandudno and Liverpool.

The site's Rachel Wait said: "It's good to see that the overall convictions for drink and drug-driving are dropping.

The alarming view from a car driven by someone over the limit. Watch the video above from Sussex Police 

"This could be a result of increased awareness about the effects of excessive drinking and a greater general focus on health and fitness.

"To avoid any uncertainty, if you think you're over the limit, don't take the chance.

"Not only are you putting yourself and others at risk, a drink or drug driving conviction can result in a long time off the road and sky-high car insurance premiums."