A DOCTOR found dead at his home near Hereford died of an overdose of his prescribed medication, an inquest found.

Dr Stephen James Sadler had previously been a doctor at Hereford hospital and survived two suicide attempts, which resulted in his right arm and leg being amputated.

At Hereford Coroners’ Court, it was found Dr Sadler, 43, died from toxicity caused by a drug overdose.

Dr Sadler’s mother said her son was “hard-working, kind and dedicated” and “would never hurt a soul.”

The last contact Susan Clifford had with her son, who had body dysmorphic disorder, was on January 22. Two days later police forced entry into his home in Bartestree following concerns for his welfare and found him dead in his bedroom.

The younger brother of Dr Sadler, Paul, said his brother had, in the weeks leading up to his death, been looking forward to a cruise with him later in the year.

Dr Sadler was the most positive he had been for a number of years and said the overdose wasn’t intentional.

“I was so content with his mood, there were no alarm bells. He was talking about different things, all positive. Steve was in a good place and making plans for the future.”

After the inquest, Mrs Clifford said: “We are truly so proud of all Stephen’s achievements in his life, his dedication as a doctor, his empathy and care for patients, colleagues and friends, and his great love of his family.”

“But above all this, his tremendous effort and sheer determination in overcoming a dreadful illness.

“He will not only be truly missed, but Steve remains a shining example to all of us.”