VOTERS hoping to elect a pro-Brexit MP look set to be faced with a choice of candidates from at least two different parties.

The county’s two Conservative Party candidates Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin say a vote for them would help deliver an orderly exit for the UK from the European Union.

They both backed the deal negotiated between Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator.

But Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party wants the UK to leave the EU without a deal. The party says Mr Johnson’s plan for Brexit would be bad for the country because it still involves paying the EU a £39bn settlement.

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But Mr Wiggin, who is hoping to be re-elected for the North Herefordshire seat, says it would be best to leave in an orderly fashion with the negotiated deal.

“It is good for us and good for the EU. They are our neighbours and we should accept the deal,” he said.

“I voted for Boris’ deal as it is better without the backstop. I therefore once again support a general election so that those of us who, like me, respect the referendum result can get a majority in Parliament to get us out of the EU.”

Fellow Tory Jesse Norman is also hoping to retain the Hereford and South Herefordshire seat.

“In the coming years we need to build on all the recent investment we have had in Hereford hospital, the new medical centre, the university and other projects.

“But the first priority of the next government should be to complete the process of leaving the EU, by passing the Withdrawal Agreement into law.

“I expect this commitment to Brexit to be in the Conservative manifesto, so that a majority Conservative government could implement it, with proper debate and scrutiny, soon after the election.”

But Matt Slocombe, Brexit Party candidate and landlord of the Crown Inn at Woolhope, says it is time to vote for someone who truly represents the real people of the county.

“I am a Herefordshire publican, a cider maker, family man, not a career politician,” he said.

“Like many of you, I have watched the complete failure of the political class in Westminster to enact the biggest democratic vote in British history. What an embarrassment the last three and a half years have been.

“They promised to enact the will of the people and they have failed.

“It is time to vote for the Herefordian who is going to represent the real people of Herefordshire.”

Mr Slocombe is contesting the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency.

His party is yet to announce the candidate for North Herefordshire.

UKIP is yet to announce candidates.