GIGS at a popular county venue have been cancelled and Herefordshire Council has suspended its licence due to complaints over loud music.

Environmental health officers have visited St Katherine’s Barn, Ledbury, and its surroundings 12 times since the end of May.

Last week, they served an abatement notice to stop loud music from being played at the venue following complaints from residents.

The Barn had a licence which allowed it to host music, film and other entertainment events from 10am to midnight Monday to Sunday.

But residents said living next to the noisy venue was becoming unbearable.

David Thomas, who lives in a flat opposite the venue, told last week’s licensing sub-committee that he can only get to sleep after people have left the premises.

“No consideration is shown to me or others nearby,” he said.

“Due to the events taking place every weekend, I am often forced to leave my flat to escape the noise.

“I am unable to relax in my own home which surely is my basic human right. Most people look forward to the weekend, I do not.”

The council officers said they served the abatement notice after gathering evidence that the noise constituted a statutory nuisance.

“Due to the location, physicality of the area, structure of the building, frequency, times and nature of the events being held at the premises, it is our opinion the noise is causing a noise disturbance to the surrounding locality,” an officer said.

They had advised premises licence holder Lynn Jones about improvements which would help prevent the nuisance but none had been forthcoming.

Officers said the Barn was being used as a bar club than café and art gallery and considered the venue’s structure and position was unsuitable.

Barn owner Robin Oakey said their intention for the last 19 months has been to insulate the roof and triple glaze the windows.

The committee agreed a suspension for three months.