Anyone who lives, or who has ever lived, in a village would immediately recognise the setting and characters in Pentabus's production of The Tale of Little Bevan, written by award-winning playwright Robert Alan Evans.

Actually, add to that anyone who's listened to The Archers, because as The Tale of Little Bevan demonstrates as it goes under the skin of the village and, quite literally, under the village, nothing - and no one - is ever quite what it seems.

The trio of talented actors, expertly providing a soundtrack to the story on a variety of instruments, from ukulele and double bass to a kazoo, cleverly peel back the layers to offer a glimpse of what lies beneath - there's Gill, frantically making her last minute preparations for the annual harvest ball, and taking unscrupulous steps to ensure everyone's attendance, and Mikey enthusiastically texting a would-be date and racing to the pub on his bike, only to lose his nerve on the doorstep. Then there's Tom, whose life has been subsumed in caring for his recently deceased mother, his own passion for pursuing the medieval mystery of St Agathus on hold.

As the harvest moon rises, lives collide, and, in the dark tunnels beneath the village, truths are spoken, cats let out of the bag and a magnificent discovery made ...

As Gill, Mikey and Tom, Annie Grace, Andy Peppiette and Owen Aaronovitch brought the village vividly to life, every character precisely drawn and instantly known, thanks, too, to a clever and perfectly paced script by Robert Alan Evans which joined the dots seamlessly to tell a number of small stories that unfolded into a universal story of what it is to be human and living alongside others.

Tour dates include performances on Wednesday, November 27 at The Market Theatre, Ledbury (07967 517125/ and Thursday, November 28 at Vowchurch & Turnastone Village Hall (for tickets, call Jane Wheatley on 07880 505761/ or visit For all other tour dates, visit the Pentabus website.