A NEW set of spotlights proposed for a Ross-on-Wye church could be used to host raves, joked a local councillor.

The Friends of St Mary’s Church are currently looking at options to replace the lights which shine upon the town’s iconic spire.

Councillor and church volunteer Chris Bartrum said the group may soon approach Ross town council to help fund the project.

He told a recent council meeting that the new lights could have a strobe effect and shine different colours.

Councillor Chris Bartrum said: “Work is going forward on the new lights for St Mary’s.

“The current external spotlights are incredibly old an inefficient.

“We need to bear in mind that the Friends of St Mary’s, at some point in the future, are going to come to the town council and ask if we can go halves or give a substantial contribution.

“We haven’t got it all priced up but it is going to cost probably tens of thousands of pounds.”

Mayor Jane Roberts said the new lights would save on electricity costs.

“Yes, it will reduce it down to virtually nothing,” councillor Bartrum added.

“It will look really superb and actually if we spend a little bit more within the budget we can actually get a strobe effect if we wanted to put on a town rave or something around St Mary’s.”

He said the new effects available on the spotlights could be used to mark different events through out the year.

“Running up to Remembrance Sunday you can also have a reddish hue,” coun Bartrum added.

“It won’t be just white, you can have it in various grades of white. It’s quite exciting.”

Mayor Roberts said the demonstration shown to councillors was quite impressive.