MEMORIES came flooding back as childhood friends reunited 74 years after leaving Leominster Grammar School.

Three old Leominster Grammar School boys met at the Talbot Hotel, Leominster, on Saturday for a reunion and celebration.

Ron Mewies, Fred Law and Ken Watkins, who are now all in their early 90s, were at the school from 1940 to 1945.

They reminisced about their time in the school rugby team, camping trips to Aberystwyth , Dawlish and Burnham-on-Sea, and school discipline.

There were also memories about blackouts during the war, Victory in Europe day on May 8, 1945 and their old pipe-smoking headmaster Herbert Scarborough.

Ron Mewies, from Eardisland, joined the RAF and later became a manager in egg marketing, then a company secretary for a Wrexham TV company. He finished his working life at the Milk Marketing Board and Dairy Crest.

Mr Mewies, 91, currently lives near Wrexham with his wife, Shirley.

Fred Law, born at Hope-under-Dinmore, began work as assistant tax collector at Coventry in 1947, and worked in various places including to Ludlow, Mansfield and Derby. Mr Law, now 90, worked as a regional collector in Wolverhampton before retiring in 1989.

Ken Watkins started as a reporter for the Leominster News for four years, and then moved to other regional papers before spells at the Guardian, the Financial Times and the Times.

Mr Watkins, 90, joked the trio are already planning the next reunion for 2029.