COUNTY planners have rejected proposals for new homes near the historic Leominster to Stourport canal due to concerns over the use of cesspits.

Councillors felt the use cesspools for the four-home scheme on land north of the Corner House on Temple Lane, Little Hereford was a step backwards.

Brimfield and Little Hereford group parish council and 15 residents objected to the proposals and raised concerns over road safety and water drainage.

The parish council said cesspits for each of the proposed properties, a mix of two bed bungalows and three bed houses, was not a viable solution to foul water drainage.

Local resident Eugene Molloy told the meeting the extra 196 tanker movements a year to service the site would pose a danger to children walking to catch the school bus, particularly on frosty winter mornings.

“We are not so much concerned about the impact of heavy tankers on the road so much as on our children and grandchildren,” he said.

“The cesspits proposed are frequent nuisances. Being vented to atmosphere, foul smells are a given. Sewage often overflows into neighbouring properties especially on sloping ground such as this.”

Leominster North and Rural ward councillor John Stone said he continued to find cesspits a retrograde step which should be consigned to the last century.

“I remain very concerned over the impact of this development on road safety on the lane, loss of hedgerow, no specific plan to dispose of surface water, effect on residential amenity, and limited local facilities for the four properties as well as the tanker movements which have already been thoroughly discussed.”

He also said the development could compromise the historic Leominster and Stourport Canal.

“The canal is part of our historic heritage and it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was walking along part of the canal where a blue plaque was put up to commemorate the aqueduct in Little Hereford which was partly blown up in the Second World War.”

The planning committee unanimously rejected the proposals.