COUNTY planners have given the go-ahead for a mobile classroom to be placed at a village school despite concerns over parking problems.

Sutton Primary Academy chiefs say the new classroom will allow an existing library area within the main school building which is currently being used as a classroom to be returned to its former use.

The mobile classroom will be placed at the back of the Ofsted rated outstanding school in Sutton St Nicholas and will be next to an existing double mobile classroom already at the site.

But local residents along with the parish council fear the plans will worsen parking problems outside the school on Bayley Way.

Objector Kirsten Jones said it seemed incredible that such a relatively new school is already having to rely on extra temporary classrooms.

“Temporary portakabin type structures are unsightly and not fit for purpose,” she said.

“They are extremely hot in summer and cold in winter.

“The school was built only some 10 years ago to provide schooling for the local catchment area.

“However, numbers wishing to attend the school have increased significantly but it would appear that children have been accepted from areas far outside the catchment area for Sutton.

“I understand that children are attending from as far away as Credenhill and south of the river on the other side of Hereford.

“If the school only took children from within the village area there may not be a need for extra temporary classrooms.”

She said her main concern was road safety as there is no infrastructure to support the growing numbers of children attending the school.

“I believe there is an accident waiting to happen.”

Speaking at the planning committee meeting on September 8, senior officer Kevin Bishop said the concerns raised were not dissimilar to issues found at any school within the county.

“In terms of this particular school, it is a relatively new school it was designed in a manner which could be extended,” he said.

“They have attempted to get grant funding for extensions and no doubt they will continue to pursue that avenue but, until such time as that happens, a mobile classroom is the relatively cheapest option to move forward with and it does allow for fluctuations in the school.”

Officers said the plans were in accordance planning policies and recommended approving the scheme.

The committee unanimously approved the proposals with conditions.