JESSE Norman, MP, recently met with headteacher, Nigel Griffiths, at John Kyrle High School.

The aim of Jesse's visit was to hear about developments at the school and to meet with and take questions from a selection of sixth-form students.

Nigel Griffiths was able to share with Jesse examination success in the summer, the continued strong number of pupils joining the school and plans for future capital expansion.

They also discussed school funding and standards across Herefordshire.

Jesse was also keen to hear about Nigel's work as the Ofsted ambassador for the West Midlands and his thoughts on the new Ofsted framework.

Jesse then met with a group of sixth-form students for an interesting question and answer session.

The opening question, much to everyone's surprise, was not about Brexit but rather why we should take an interest in Adam Smith, the pioneering 18th century economist.

Further questions were on Brexit, the US trade deal, subsidies for young people using public transport, VAT on solar panels and the changes to the voting age.

All present agreed it was a very interesting discussion.

Jesse Norman said that it is always a delight to visit John Kyrle and to hear about the school's continued progress.

Jesse congratulated  the school on its examination outcomes over time, including another very strong A- level performance this year.

He said the students he met were, as always, well informed, interested and their questions kept him on his toes!