A COUNTY hospice is set to raise more than £60,000 after it held one of Herefordshire's biggest flower festival last weekend.

The event, opened by TV presenter Monty Don, tied in with celebrations surrounding St Michael's Hospice's 35th anniversary.

Welcoming guests, he said he was 'profoundly impressed' by what he'd seen, adding he was very proud to be opening it.

The interior at Lyde Arundel was filled with displays over three days, all constructed under the theme of Transformation and Peace.

The hospice thanked the festival's four main organisers, Stephen Rabbitts, Carola Kean, Jacqueline Flack and Joan Davies.

It's the third time the team have put on a display of this size for St Michael's, the previous two taking place eight and 10 years ago.

"My husband died at St Michael's almost 16 years ago," Mrs Kean said.

"My mum also passed away there, so I'm well aware of the great work the Hospice does.

"The Festival has been a big success and I've been pleased to see a wide range of ages attending."

Paddy Nugent, the Hospice's Community Manager, said visitors were left astounded by the arrangements.

"The thought, time and ingenuity which has gone into these works of art is truly staggering," he added.

"Thank you to every arranger for supporting us, and to the community for attending and making Transformation and Peace such a huge success."

Attention now turns to Postcards From Life which sees hundreds of postcards created by artists across Herefordshire and beyond, go under the hammer during an online auction.

The auction begins on Monday 28th October before a three-day exhibition of the work at the Bishop's Palace in Hereford from 8th-10th November.