FRUSTRATED residents urging Highways England to switch to night time closures on the A49 near Ross-on-Wye have finally got their way.

Businesses said they were suffering from the closures on the A49 at Peterstow, but Highways England said they would change to overnight works after a parish council meeting last Monday evening (August 5).

From Monday, the road has been closed weeknights from 9pm to 6am until the work finishes by August 28.

In a letter to MP Jesse Norman, Highways England said as a result of concerns raised about the professional of workers they will now have to wear body cameras while at work.

Sally Bailey, co-owner of Bailey's Home along the affected stretch of road said there were more than 100 people at the meeting.

She had to lay staff off and postpone new staff starting until September when the roadworks were finished. One day last week she said there were just five cars at the store.

"At the beginning we weren't consulted, not even the parish council were consulted," Mrs Bailey said.

"There were in excess of 100 people at the meeting and no one there was consulted either. Highways England just ploughed through regardless.

"The A49 is a main trunk road through Herefordshire, up to Shrewsbury and further, so closing it during the daytime is madness.

"It will be great on Monday, it's a huge relief, I'm so glad how everyone got behind it."

Jesse Norman said he was delighted and thanked management for listening to concerns from locals.

"This has been a very difficult period for local businesses and residents in and around the A49, due to the huge disruption and loss of trade caused by the roadworks," he said.

"I am delighted that Highways England have now moved to address local concerns, and I thank them and their senior management for rapidly engaging with us.

"Now we need to see the promised changes happen, and the works completed on schedule and without further incident."

Highways England Head of Service Delivery Andrew Butterfield said: "It is never easy to balance conflicting needs, but having taken on board comments made at the recent public meeting and the views of the majority, we have decided to switch to night-time working from Monday."

"We understand the inconvenience roadworks cause but once completed the life of the road will be extended, the surface will be smoother and safer and there will be less need for future maintenance."