It was one of the biggest movies of last year, and the soundtrack shot to the top of the charts and stayed there for months to become the biggest selling CD of 2018. If you're a fan - and who, hand on heart, isn't? - you won't want to miss The Greatest Kingdom, running through the summer holidays at Maylords.

Arriving at the Enchanted Kingdom, an intimate theatrical venue on the first floor of the shopping centre, there is already a sense of something special - fairy lights sparkle amongst the foliage covered walls and there's a promise of excitement beyond the closed door.

Set up by three Herefordians, The Enchanted Kingdom presents The Greatest Kingdom throughout the summer holidays. One of the three, Orin Vallely, plays PT Barnum in a show that brings seven of the most irresistible songs from the movie soundtrack to the stage in a short, beautifully polished production that captures the mood and tone of the movie perfectly - even without a cast of thousands and special effects!

It's a small space, but there was nothing small about the four voices - Orin is joined by Chloe Yates as Lettie Lutz, the Bearded Lady, Ellie Arnold taking on two roles as Charity Barnum and Jenny Lind, and Emily Hyde as Anne Wheeler - who gave us the songs we've come to love - from A Million Dreams to the now iconic This is Me. Add some clever choreography that re-created the feel of the movie - unsurprisingly, there's little room for a trapeze in Maylords, but Emily nonetheless caught the spirit of Rewrite the Stars exactly - and you're in for a real treat.

All four performers are impressively accomplished singers and bring the songs vividly to life. You're sure to leave - after a Meet and Greet and photo opportunity - with the glorious soundtrack running through your head again.

Josh Davies, Orin Vallely and Ryan Walters are to be applauded for their initiative in creating a highly professional show that brings something a little bit different, and a little bit magical, to Hereford.

The Greatest Kingdom runs 28 and 29 July, 4, 5, 10 and 12 August at The Enchanted Kingdom in Maylords. To book, visit