A MOTHER was among a group of neighbours horrified to discover the rotten body of a dead dog near their Hereford homes.

People living in Herefordshire Housing properties along Hunderton Road were informed by groundsmen that they found the body while working outside.

A resident, who did not wish to be named, said the workers found the dead dog on July 4, but left it there until the following Tuesday.

“When they told me about the dead dog I thought they were joking,” she said.

“It’s shocking that they took so long to remove it.”

The body showed signs of long-term decomposition with the skull and several bones on show and it was left next to a fence on a pathway near a bus stop.

A Herefordshire Housing spokesperson said they were committed to the safety of their colleagues and customers.

“We recently attended a property to undertake grounds maintenance,” she said.

“Whilst there the remains of an animal, that had been there for some time, were discovered on the boundary of the property.

“Our customer had children and they obviously found it distressing so we moved the remains out of sight, to ensure the children and other members of the public, were safe and not upset by the discovery.

“We informed the customer that proper disposal of the remains of the animal was important and could be a hazard and that this was the responsibility of the local authority, who have a dedicated team and specialist equipment.

“We provided all of the relevant contact details.”

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson confirmed that they respond to reports of cats, dogs or larger animals found dead on the highway and in public open spaces but that they do not collect animals from private land or if they are smaller than a cat in size.

“Our partners, Balfour Beatty Living Places, received a call requesting the removal of a dead animal from this location but this was on private land," he said.

"As such it is the land owner’s responsibility to remove and dispose of appropriately.”