CHARITIES from across the region are in line for a share of a £40,000 windfall thanks to the support of a supermarket.

Tesco are getting shoppers to vote for one of three charities that have connections to Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, with the charity with the most votes scooping the top prize of £25,000.

Every time customers pass through the checkouts, they will be handed a token to go into one of the boxes. Currently, Tesco are prioritising projects which deliver health and wellbeing benefits to those living in the area.

The national chain said they prioritise projects focusing on cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Shoppers in Hereford and Ledbury will be able to vote for one of three charities, two who help people with cancer and another who offers care for people with serious progressive illnesses. The charity with the second most amount of votes will be handed £15,000, with third given £10,000.

Focus will use the grant to fund new equipment to help cancer patients through advances robotic surgery and radiotherapy treatment, and Worcester's St. Richard's Hospice will build an exercise and physiotherapy studio.

Closer to home, Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is a charity which helps children with cancer stay in touch with school and friends, and they will use the money to embrace online technology.