JO Franks, 54 from Pencombe has fought back from a life-changing spinal injury to enjoy outdoor pursuits once more.

Jo recently attended the TPG DisableAids safe scooter driving day in Hereford as the mobility product dealership has supported her in the past.

Now a retired international support worker, she is an active explorer on her Supersport which is nicknamed the 'Harley Davidson' of mobility scooters.

The scooter has allowed Jo to live independently in a rural community miles from any main road and surrounded by rough tracks and fields.

With these capabilities she has become a member of the Disabled Ramblers Association and enjoys freedom in the remotest of locations.

After her accident, nine years ago, she found readjusting her life extremely challenging as Jo explains: "I had spent all of my life outdoors. I had worked for the children's charity Barnardo's, taught in India and Tibet, driven 4x4s across Africa, tackled the Himalayas and enjoyed kayaking and cycling in the UK - my passions all involved active pursuits. It seemed as if this had all come to an end, it was horrible. I was struggling to walk and the pain was terrible. When you experience a life changing injury you desperately crave normality. Discovering the TGA Supersport through the Disabled Ramblers was the answer."

The Disabled Ramblers are a charitable organisation that organises approximately 30 annual accessible rural and coastal rambles across England and Wales for mobility scooter users.

Jo discovered the Disabled Ramblers online and joined her first group outing on Exmoor. Several ramblers owned TGA Supersports and Jo saw for the first time how this mobility scooter provided exceptional performance off-road. Jo explains: "When you are new to disability you commonly have no idea what is the right equipment to buy. I have wasted so much money on rubbish scooters and other kit that have let me down. My previous scooter, not a TGA, left me marooned in the Wye Forest once resulting in a Police rescue. The Supersport is completely different and with so many ramblers telling me of its reliability and sturdiness, I had to buy one."

With the help of her Supersport Jo has managed to regain her zest for life and now spends a lot of time outdoors.

"The first time I experienced the wilderness after my accident was with the Disabled Ramblers – I will never forget it… it was so emotionally. I remember crying as I never thought I would ever see places like that again."

Jo concludes: "It was great to see everyone at TPG during their recent safe scooter driving day. My Supersort is the best, it just works. Experiencing a spinal cord injury was an incredibly stressful and traumatic time which has taken me many years to come to terms with. This makes being able to get out and about on my TGA Supersport even more precious."