CAMPAIGNERS have taken to Hereford's busiest road to plead for the country to remain in the European Union.

The blue and yellow flags of the EU were flying high on Greyfriars Bridge as members of Herefordshire for Europe made their views on Brexit known three years after the 2016 referendum.

A spokesman for the group said the aim of the protest was to show people they are "not giving up" and will continue to "fight for their children’s futures".

"It is 3 years today since the 2016 referendum and since then we have found out we aren’t getting the “exact same benefits” or £350m for our NHS every week," the spokesman added.

"We know both of the two major campaigns, including the official campaign led by our likely next PM, Boris Johnson, have been found guilty of overspending.

"We also know that Cambridge Analytica used illegally obtained data to target people, with adverts that had no relevance or truth behind them.

"On top of all of this we have found out through the courts that if the referendum had been legally binding, it would have been declared void.

"Herefordshire4Europe continue to fight for us and our children to remain part of European Union."