Award-winning UK actors, Neil Salvage (The Crucible, Peer Gynt, Gulliver’s Travels and Nicholas Collett (The Six-Sided Man, Spitfire Solo and Your Bard) return to the UK after their successful Australian premiere.

Oyster Creatives, award-winning actors Neil Salvage and Nicholas Collett are returning home with their critically acclaimed newest production, Oysters, after wowing Australian audiences at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe.

Johannes Brahms is attending a party to celebrate the first performance of his Violin Concerto – but his genius is overshadowed by his self-destructive ego. His friends are all there, but everyone is caught in a seething cauldron of passionate recriminations – and darkly hilarious outcomes. Everyone has their own agenda - the arthritic, embittered and ageing Clara Schumann from his past: jealous, unstable virtuoso Josef Joachim; pompous and waspish critic Hanslick - and gentle friend and disciple Von Herzogenberg. As the evening progresses and emotions turn on a sixpence, the play moves to its extraordinary conclusion fuelled by turbulent feelings and farcical misunderstandings. Laughing through our tears we are continually challenged with the questions: Why art? - and what price do we pay for it?

See Oysters at The Market Theatre in Ledbury on Saturday, June 22 at 7.30pm. To book, call the box office on 07967 517125 or visit or