JUNE has been a bit of a washout so far, with wet and cool conditions persisting across Herefordshire.

We might have escaped the severe flooding seen in other parts of the country, but have not escaped unscathed.

Gardeners and growers have seen the results of months of their hard work flattened by torrential rain, and low lying land has been submerged.

But forecasters are predicting a significant change next week, with hot and humid weather on the way.

High temperatures are anticipated across western Europe, and warm air will be drawn from the continent as low pressure develops to the west of Britain this weekend.

The change in temperature is expected to bring about some unsettled conditions.

Although Friday and Saturday are set to be warmer and mostly dry, the Met Office has issued weather warnings for thunderstorms across Herefordshire and much of the rest of the country as we move into next week.

The yellow warnings will be in force from 3pm on Sunday and continue through the whole of Monday.

Forecasters are warning of the potential for torrential rain and lightning, with possible flooding, difficult driving conditions and disruptions to travel and power.

Photo by Chris Lyons, Hereford Times Camera Club.