HOME burglaries in Herefordshire have significantly fallen in the past six months, police say.

Herefordshire police have been working hard to reduce the volume of burglaries across the county by targeting prolific offenders and proactive operations to clamp down on the crime.

This problem solving approach has produced a reduction in the amount of homes involved in burglaries from 132 to 106 in the last six months.

Detective Inspector Ross Jones said: "Being broken into is absolutely devastating and can have a long lasting impact on victims, when someone has unfortunately been a victim we make sure this is followed up with advice and support.

"As well as investigating the crimes that take place and supporting victims our dedicated officers have been targeting prolific offenders and implementing proactive operations with the aim of disrupting these individuals from committing further crime.

"Our officers, in particular the safer neighbourhood team, use local events, routine patrol and social media accounts to communicate messages to members of the public on how they can help beat the burglar.

"All these components mean we continue to crack down on burglars and reduce homes being targeted across Herefordshire."

Crime prevention can help play a crucial part in preventing the burglars in the first instance, and police say making homes unattractive to potential thieves can often make a real difference.

Their tips include installing CCTV, alarms and outside lighting, locking doors even when you're in, keeping valuables out of sight, and using timers on lamps and radios when you're away.

We Don't Buy Crime is West Mercia Police's response to tackling serious acquisitive crime, which includes crimes such as burglary and theft. The initiative, supported by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, utilises a range of overt and covert tactics to help take the value out of acquisitive crime.

Commissioner John Campion said: "Burglary has more than just a financial impact on victims, so it is a priority for me and West Mercia Police. I have invested in specialist resources for the force to tackle burglary in the most effective way however, services to support those who are victims and preventative measures such as Smartwater.

"It is reassuring to see that improvements are being made, and I hope to see this continue. As a community, we all have our part to play in preventing this type of crime from happening."