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A RAIN warning has been issued for Herefordshire.

A Met Office yellow warning will come into force for much of the region from 2pm to 11pm today (Friday).

Storm Miguel is making its way up through Europe and will hit the south coast this morning.

It was named by Spanish media on Tuesday after it swept through the Mediterranean.

Forecasters say often heavy rain will become persistent across the region through the morning, with heavy, thundery showers following from the south in the afternoon.

They warn that heavy showers may cause travel disruption, with a possibility of spray and flooding on some roads.

Some interruption to power supplies and other services is also said to be likely.

Conditions are expected to continue to be unsettled through Saturday and Sunday, with wind and blustery showers predicted.

With wet weather predicted to bring about an increase in road incidents and breakdowns, recovery company Green Flag recommends drivers take extra precautions today to reduce the risk of breakdown in the rain.

The company's top tips for reducing the risk of breakdown in the rain are:

1. Be prepared: know the weather forecast and take a coat.

2. Check your tyres’ tread depth: Of all the checks before setting off, this is the most crucial. Tyres are your connection to the road and are all too often overlooked. The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm, but they should be replaced once they reach 2mm.

3. Use your lights: Whenever visibility is reduced, use your headlights. Foglamps should only be switched on when you can’t see beyond 100 metres.

4. Avoid steamy windows by using air-conditioning: Air-conditioning dries air and prevents windows steaming up. Run your air-conditioning system all year round; it’s accepted as good practice to keep it running efficiently.

5. Give yourself space: In poor driving conditions, give yourself a distance buffer. In order to avoid accidents, leave a four second gap between your car and the one in front.

Photo by Chris Lyons, Hereford Times Camera Club.

UPDATES NOW: We are now covering this story live

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