ON Friday, May 17 a charity fashion show was held at the Withington Village Hall.

Guests were treated to fizz on arrival and presented with a goodie bag before the main event.

The models for the evening were all volunteers and profits, currently £3451, are to be donated to the MARS charity.

MARS (Mercia Accident Rescue Services) is a charitable organisation made up of highly skilled and dedicated doctors, nurses and paramedics who are specially trained to give emergency and life saving care to critically ill patients before being taken to hospital.

These patients may be victims of trauma, perhaps in the case of serious road traffic collisions or industrial accidents or drowning incidents, or other medical emergencies such as heart attacks.

In the last 12 months the small team of responders was available for 310 incidents, they were active at 148 scenes and treated 188 patients.

These dedicated men and women are not paid, they have full time jobs in other areas of medicine, and all have families.

They work on an entirely voluntary basis and their dedication is key in order to save lives or extend life long enough for loved ones to say goodbye.

Specialist medical equipment, flight suits (MARS responders will often fly with their patients to hospital or major trauma centres), blue light driver training, and vehicle equipment all cost significant amounts of money.

Because of this it is only possible to continue to run this vital service due to the generosity of donors around the county.

Organiser of the event, Lucy Hawkins, would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors; No.28, Calandras Menswear, Hat Trick, Ginger Dude, Richard Binnersley (compere), Boots (Hereford), Chave & Jackson, Sapphire Aesthetics, Willy's ACV, Chase and Two Farmers.

You can learn more about MARS and donate to the charity at marsbasics.org.uk/

All donations will be very gratefully received.