About Face Theatre Company present Creation Stories, an intimate show performed by actors with learning disabilities.

Using small scale puppetry, the audience is drawn into a collection of stories and will see the world created. The aim is to celebrate the planet and its diversity through the Creation Stories which are at the heart of many cultures’ history and beliefs.

The show is designed for very small audiences – 10 or 12 people – who interact directly with the actors/puppets. However, there is also the opportunity for a larger audience to watch this interaction whilst not being directly involved, creating two layers of participation, from those forming the intimate audience and those observing this interaction.

About Face Theatre Company is part of ECHO for Extra Choices in Herefordshire and is their flagship project. About Face provides a wide range of opportunities for people with learning disabilities to grow in confidence through performance based skills, specialising in puppet and mask work. This gives a platform to raise social consciousness about this marginalised and often excluded sector of society. About Face was established in 1995 and puppetry and mask work have always been integral to the company’s approach to theatre.

Creation Stories will be in The Courtyard’s Studio Theatre on Thursday, May 23 at 4pm and 7pm. To book, call the box office on 01432 340555 or visit courtyard.org.uk