LOCAL charity Onside is encouraging people to sign up as volunteers and support their project to visit people in residential care and uphold the person's rights acting in their best interests.

Onside, which works across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, is looking for people to take on the role of a Relevant Persons Representative (RPR). Volunteers as an RPR are safeguarding the rights of vulnerable people who don't have the mental capacity to consent to care or treatment.

This involves visiting people with dementia, learning disabilities, and individuals assessed to have a lack of capacity to consent to living in a residential care. As an RPR the volunteer would be visiting a person just once every six to eight weeks for no more than one hour. Volunteering would be local to where the volunteer lives and free RPR training would be given to carry out the role. Onside have the benefit of a specialist Mental Health Capacity Advocacy team to support volunteers along with a dedicated Volunteer Team.

Onside's volunteer manager, Claire Watkins, said "Our volunteers give their time, their passion and enthusiasm, this is a great time to volunteer in this new and exciting role."

Volunteers are ordinary people of all ages and backgrounds they just need to be good listeners and have some time to give.

We also have opportunities for all our advocacy projects along with mentoring and group mentoring, café and book shops too.

If you can picture yourself in the role of an Onside volunteer please call Claire Watkins on 01905 27525 or email claire.watkins@onside-advocacy.org.uk to find out more.