COUNTY council bosses say they are reviewing the status of a dangerous building in Hereford.

A contract for workers to set up scaffolding around Jacobs Court on Kyrle Street was agreed some four years ago according to Herefordshire Council’s register.

The council is using public funds to keep the private sector property safe and the contract is currently the responsibility of the economy and place director Richard Ball.

The local authority’s building control department says the contract’s purpose is to ‘maintain and certificate’ the scaffold which is protecting the dangerous structure previously marketed as high-end city centre apartments.

The council funded contract is with Lyndon Scaffolding PLC and it has an estimated total value of £52,800 and an estimated annual worth of £4,800.

According to the contract register it has been in place since May 22, 2015 and is expected to last until August 31, 2020.

However, it will be under review again on August 31, 2019.

“This is an on-going maintenance contract for a scaffold to support Jacobs Court that has been determined to be in a dangerous condition,” the register reads.

“The scaffold was initially erected to make the building safe, and requires monthly maintenance in line with the HSE guidelines.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council maintains this scaffolding as part of its obligation to monitor and support the management of dangerous buildings.

“The status of the building is currently under review, and our priority is to ensure the building remains safe.”