Climate change campaigners in Kington are calling on local residents for support as they prepare to take part in a mass protest in London.

Eight members of XRKington are to join hundreds of thousands of protestors from across the country on April 15 to demand a political response to the climate crisis.

The London event is part of an international wave of protests organised by Extinction Rebellion, who are calling on Governments to tell the truth about the climate and the wider ecological emergency.

On Saturday, April 13, the Kington group will parade along the high street waving banners and placards and setting off alarm clocks to symbolize the need for people to wake up to the enfolding crisis.

Local residents will be encouraged to add their messages of support to a banner which will be unfolded in London to highlight Kington’s role in fighting for a better planet.

Kington Town Council in February voted unanimously to declare a state of climate emergency and to establish a working group comprising council members and local citizens to draw up plans for making the town carbon zero by 2030.