Arts Alive audiences have witnessed some extraordinary dance performances over recent months, thanks to the innovative Rural Touring Dance Initiative. This spring sees one of Britain’s fastest-growing dance companies, Lîla Dance, in The Hotel Experience.

A man checks into a hotel the night before his wedding; but this hotel is not what it seems. As the clock ticks the walls around him seem to blur and dissolve as fragments of memories tumble into the room. They fall from the ceilings, crawl out from under the bed and step out of wardrobes to face him once more with full force and in vivid colours. The Hotel Experience becomes a night of doubt, hope, crisis, and unexpected encounters. When the sun rises, our ‘hero’ has an important decision to make.

Brought to life through an exciting moving set, four powerful dancers, an evocative soundtrack and new writing, The Hotel Experience is a high energy, physically enthralling dance theatre show. It features a supporting cast of Steiner Academy students who have been enjoying two intensive days of workshops with the company.

The Rural Touring Dance Initiative has already converted ‘non-dance’ audiences to this exciting area of performance – why not give it a go and share The Hotel Experience at the Steiner Academy in Much Dewchurch on Friday, March 1 at 7.30pm. To book, call 01981 540221 or book online at