You never know what you’re going to get when you take your seat for a one-man show, though the title of Rob Gee’s new show certainly suggests there’s might be a laugh or two on offer.

Kevin, King of Egypt is a high-octane, mile-a-minute, dazzlingly wordy gallop alongside Kevin as he makes his escape from the psychiatric hospital where they’re saying he needs to stay as he’s not better yet. But Kevin has other ideas and something far more pressing to do – he’s got to catch a flight to Egypt on Saturday to lay claim to the crown that’s rightfully his as the reincarnation of Pharaoh Rameses II.

Masterfully plotted, Kevin’s escape is anything but straightforward and as he makes a determined bid to get back to his flat and retrieve his passport, he finds plenty of obstacles thrown in his path – including six-year-old Millie, whose need, it turns out, trumps his trip to Cairo!

With extraordinary physicality and a firm grip on the non-stop torrent of words, not to mention effortlessly slipping into every other character – from Millie and her father to his flatmate and Millie’s less-than-lovely Gran – Rob Gee, a former psychiatric nurse, offers a stunningly funny and entirely compassionate glimpse into a life lived with bipolar disorder.

As Kevin pinballs his way from one near-disaster to another, it’s impossible to be anything but charmed, because if there’s one essential truth about Kevin, it’s that his heart is firmly in the right place. And by taking us on the trip with Kevin, though whether he makes it as far as Egypt hangs in the balance, Rob Gee’s masterful, hyper-energetic portrayal ensures that the audience shares his empathy for Kevin, whose behaviour ultimately seems considerably more sane than that of other, more apparently ‘normal’, members of the cast.