HOW to tell health bosses what you think of Hereford Hospital and its services is now easier.

A new touch-screen kiosk has been installed in the Oxford Suite outpatients' area by Healthwatch Herefordshire to let patients and their families or carers give their views on how they feel they have been treated.

The kiosk, which involves easy-to-se interactive technology, allows patients to give real-time feedback about experiences at the hospital that the Wye Valley NHS Trust can then act on.

The kiosk is in outpatients because the public asked Healthwatch to focus on that area as one of four priorities in 2018-19.

Healthwatch will also be visiting the outpatient clinics over two weeks in March to speak to patients about their care.

All reviews submitted at the kiosk will be checked before allowing them to appear on the Healthwatch website.

As well as working on improvements to services, positive reviews will be shared with staff.

Christine Price, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Herefordshire, said: "We need the public to use the Feedback Centre as a valuable way to ensure patient experiences shape our public services.”

Helen Byard, Deputy Director of Nursing for Wye Valley Trust, said: "We value the views of the patients and carers who use our services and use it to ensure we are providing quality services. Improvements to quality and care can be made quickly, as the right people can access patient feedback at the right time.

"Sometimes, people think that their individual comment won't be heard, but just one patient or service user story can make significant changes for the experience of others’.

Healthwatch are currently looking at other possible locations for more kiosks, bit also emphasise that comments can be left at or ring 01432 277044 or email

The initiative has been co-ordinated by Healthwatch Herefordshire and the Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Healthwatch Herefordshire team up with Wye Valley Trust to get patients’ feedback

After the successful launch of the Feedback Centre in April last year, we are pleased to announce our new kiosk initiative, working with Wye Valley Trust to promote the feedback tool and encourage patients to share their experience of hospital services.

To help more people have their say about health and social care services, Wye Valley Trust has placed a touch screen kiosk in the Oxford Suite outpatients’ area of Hereford County Hospital.

The Wye Valley Trust is keen to work with us and the public to gather compliments and suggestions about the service.

We will check . Users are also required to provide an email address so that their review can be verified. These details will only be seen by us to accept a review. Users have the option of publishing their review anonymously.

We will then be working with the Trust to share the feedback that has been received so that they can work on making any improvements to services or sharing with staff reports of positive comments.

Healthwatch Herefordshire is currently looking at other locations to place a Feedback Centre Kiosk. We feel this is a great way to work with local people to make sure their voice is heard and for us to be able to continue improving health and social care services in the county.

Talking about the kiosk,

However, kiosks are not the only way to leave reviews.