CITY of Hereford Rotary Club members have been busy as 2018 moved into 2019.

Some club members went on a working visit to Cambodia where they called at Knar Village Learning Centre (KVLC). They met teachers, students and the school nurse with Lori Carlson, President of the Ponheary Ly Foundation.

The club are supporting the development of the KVLC and donated and distributed food parcels, comprising bread, noodles, tins of milk, dried fish and apples to 120 grateful children for their families.

They renewed acquaintance with Chandra, a teacher they met on a previous visit and learned about all the exciting activities that are taking place. This includes adult literacy and wellbeing classes, film nights for the village, parenting workshops in addition to IT, English, science and music classes for the children.

Closer to home, as well as the Christmas lunch which celebrated Alan Blake and Bill Edwards completing 50 years as Hereford Rotarians, there was a gathering of about 40 people at Withington Village Hall for a festive breakfast towards the end of the holiday period.

This raised about £350 for the Rotary Foundation and the fight against Polio.

Kevin Basden and Phil Gorringe did the cooking while many others helped with making coffee, clearing and washing up.