OLDER person's charity Action For Elders held a Christmas party on December 16 for the participants of its Balanced Lives Programmes at Northholme Road Hereford.

Guests include Mayor of Hereford Councillor Sue Boulter and members of the fall prevention service.

Action for Elders' Balanced Lives is a free exercise and health programme.

It has brought together older people from all over Hereford to meet for gentle exercise and social interaction.

The programme has also helped greatly with fall prevention in older people.

Many of the older people of Hereford were suffering with loneliness, felt cut off from the community and lacked motivation for exercise or social contact.

The innovative, trademarked Balanced Lives Programme has brought people together. It fact, some members of the local Northholme Group now meet up regularly, independently of the Balanced Lives sessions.

"The Balanced Lives Programme has changed my life. I feel fitter, happier and part of a community again" said Joan, a Balanced Lives Participant.

The event also brought together members from two other local Balanced Lives groups who enjoyed swapping stories and celebrating new-found friendships.