Get ready to “Boo” the Sheriff, cheer the Merry outlaws and #revoltwithrobin!

The ever popular Oddsocks Productions return to the Conquest Theatre for the opening night of their inimitable trademark humour, live music and audience interaction in Andy Barrow’s exciting new telling of the legend of Robin Hood: “Robin Hood and The Revolting Peasants”.

The sinister Sheriff is on a mission to squeeze the purses of the peasants, avoid his responsibilities and make friends with despicable despots! With a cast of firm favourites and fresh friendly faces, audiences can join and revolt with the heroic and honourable Robin Hood, caring crusader Marion and squirrel-saviour Little John as they take on the gluttonous and guileful Sheriff!

Robin Hood And The Revolting Peasants tells the story of the heroic legend Robin who, along with Marion, forms a group of like-minded avengers to rise up against the Sheriff. A Sheriff who sets out to collect unreasonable taxes (whilst avoiding paying his own) from the people of Nottingham. It’s a tale of empowerment and teamwork verses greed, power and corruption, with a lot of fun along the way.

An evening with Oddsocks guarantees laughter and mayhem as they give Robin Hood their quirky ‘Oddsocks spin’. There is something for everyone - adult or child - from furry forest friends for the children to idiotic innuendos for the adults!

Oddsocks opens its new production at the Conquest Theatre on Thursday, December 6 at 7.30pm. To book, call the box office on 01885 488575, or visit