A NEW plastic-free whole food stall is opening in the Butter Market in Hereford.

The brains behind Fodder in Church Street are opening the stall called Fodder Basics in around two weeks and customers will need to bring along their own reusable containers.

All of the vegetarian and vegan whole foods will be in dispensers and there will be a cutting-edge new till system. Mark Hubbard from Fodder said: "It is going to be completely plastic-free.

"It is very much aimed at the Butter Market pocket. Our shop in Church Street is an organic shop."

To keep the prices lower the whole foods will not be organic.

Mark said: "It is a market stall - not the organic shop in Church Street.

"I have a firm belief that people with less money in their pocket want to do right by the environment as well as people with more money in their pockets. They just don't have the option."

Customers will need to bring along their own container and they can then use the dispenser bins to choose which product they wish to buy.

Mark said: "The till system is quite cutting-edge and the tills speak to the scales.

"You bring your pot in and weigh your pot and it gives you a little barcode which you put on the pot.

"You fill the pot and then take it back to the scales. The scales will know how much the pot weighs. The till then weighs only what you have put in the pot. Each product will have a short code on it and you put that in and then take your pot to the till."

The Butter Market has welcomed a host of new stalls in recent months.

Mark said: "I think the Butter Market is interesting. It has a relatively new owner. I know Darren Sockett took it over a number of years ago. He has got a vision. He gets it. I think it is going to be an interesting place to be."

They don't use any plastic in their packaging at Fodder and instead use a biodegradable cellulose.

He said: "We have not added to the plastic mountain at all as a business."

If the new system at the Butter Market works well they will consider using it at Fodder.

They also run and own Body Fodder in Church Street which sells organic and plant-based lifestyle skincare, organic make-up and offer complementary therapies in two treatment rooms upstairs.