A ROYAL British Legion chairman has described his anger at discovering vandals had broken the head off a soldier's silhouette.

The Silent Soldier at the bandstand in Ross-on-Wye was one of 30 silhouettes which the town's RBL branch had placed in the area.

The soldier silhouettes have been placed across the country to say thank you to the First World War generation who served, sacrificed, rebuilt and changed the nation.

But at the bandstand, the silhouette's head has been snapped off.

Chairman of the Ross branch Graham Aplin said: "Although they are made of composite material they are quite a solid structure.

"The wind was not responsible for ripping its head off. They got leverage on the head and kept bending and breaking it.

"They have also broken off the upright part of the bayonet part of its weapon. That has been snapped off too and I couldn't find it anywhere."

He said last year 14 large red poppies which were around the town of Ross were vandalised.

Mr Aplin is going to see if the soldier can be repaired.

He said: "I just thought it was a moronic act of vandalism. I can't understand why they would be so disrespectful at a time when the country remembers those who lost their lives in World War One.

"It is the end of the centenary period. Perhaps they should also realise that tens of thousands of civilians caught up in the war actually lost their lives as well. It is just mindless.

"I was very angry - that is an understatement."

During the next week Mr Aplin is visiting nine primary schools in the area to talk about remembrance.

He said: "The thing we have to remember is that as we all get older the younger generations all become the custodians of remembrance long after we have done.

"I have to say though, that while this has happened, I have been extremely heartened by going into the schools and seeing what they are doing at that age.

"They have produced little pictures of poppy fields or they have made handmade poppies and made a display in their school. That is absolutely wonderful."

On November 11 there will be an act of remembrance at the Prospect in Ross at 10.45am followed by a service at St Mary's Church at 11.15am. At 6pm there is a Battle’s Over event - an evening of commemoration and reflection in St Mary’s and at the Prospect.