HEREFORD children who fear losing the green they play on have joined forces to oppose the site’s potential development.

The green space at the end of Foley Street is currently being considered as a possible site for housing by Herefordshire Council.

The Hereford Area Plan consultation is looking for feedback from residents regarding parcels of land within the city which could be used for housing or employment.

But six children local to Foley Street have put pen to paper and are objecting to plans which they say would take away their only outdoor play area.

Scarlet Talboys, 11, said she didn’t think it was right to build on every bit of green land.

“There was once a huge house where Beverley Court is now, and the field was their garden,” she said.

“When the building was knocked down and redeveloped the field was given to the children of Foley Street.

“My sister, me and all my friends that live here go to this field all the time.

“The other day we spent hours talking to different people walking their dogs and they all said that they didn’t want it to happen.”

In her letter to the Hereford Times she also said developing the site would create problems for parking.

“It’ll be way too cramped and there isn’t any other green space close by.

“We need as many people as possible to be against the houses being built in this area.

“It is a space that belongs to the children of Foley Street and to all of us.”

Harvey Winchester, who also plays football on the green with his dad, said local children will be deprived of somewhere to play and dog walkers will have to go elsewhere.

Councillor Philip Price, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said residents should have their say on the Hereford Area Plan before the deadline of October 8.

“Herefordshire Council is consulting on potential housing and employment site options across Hereford as part of the preparation of a new plan for the city,” he said.

“At this stage the sites are not proposals but the feedback we receive will help to decide future ‘preferred’ development sites for Hereford City and surrounding areas."

Residents can access the consultation by visiting