A new video from the organisation that represents newspapers like the Hereford Times and Ludlow Advertiser highlights to power of local media for readers and advertisers alike.

It highlights key industry statistics, as well as the local media’s role as a champion for local communities.

JICREG, the industry’s gold standard audience currency, is also highlighted as the trusted and transparent software which media agencies use for planning local media campaigns.

Forty-two million people in print and digital read local media in print and online, according to recent research from YouGov/NMA, and local media is the most trusted source for local news and information, nearly three times more trusted than social media.

And advertising in local media drives consumer action. Fifty-one per cent of local media website users took an action as a result of seeing an advertisement in the last month, according to research from Comscore/1XL.

The video has been made by Local Media Works, the marketing body for the local media industry and part of the News Media Association.

Local Media Works chairman Craig Nayman said: “Local media is a powerful force for good in communities across UK and, at Local Media Works, we are helping our growing audiences and commercial partners to understand this.

“Unlike the social networks, we offer a highly trusted and brand safe environment which means we have a unique and compelling proposition to offer in the current marketplace.”